Band Together, Start the Party!

Sharing God’s love with everyone you encounter is meant to be a joyous and cheerful time, and the young campers experienced that at Black Diamond Camp just last month!

This year’s Winter Day Camp theme was “Band Together, Start the Party!” Our focus was on how God is a fantastic reason to celebrate and to be joyful through life because of Him. Thirty campers from ages 5 to 12 joined in the party fun. Regardless of the cold and wet weather all the campers had an amazing time at Camp.

During Chapel time, or how we like to refer to it as “morning chaos,” the campers worshiped and danced lightheartedly to uplifting music. During this program, the campers learned the importance of friendship, having a sense of belonging, celebrating the good news of Jesus, and living abundantly in Him. By understanding the true reason to be joyful, we taught these kids that they, too, can be party starters when sharing God’s love with everyone they meet.

During this inspirational and transformational week of Camp, we had 15 kids rededicate their lives to Christ! Praise Jesus and Party On…

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– Andrew Hurst, Director of Youth Ministries