Health & Safety

It's Our Highest Priority

Our goal is to provide a place where camper health and safety are our highest priority. Where each camper can have fun adventures, build new friendships, and grow closer to God.

Camp Safety Starts At Home

Camp health and safety begins at home. First, we encourage everyone coming to camp to make sure you and all your campers are well rested before arriving. You’ll be doing a lot that requires energy and it’s best to have some energy reserves stored up.

Staying hydrated is another very important element to a camper’s enjoyment during their stay. We encourage everyone to drink plenty of water throughout each day and to start your hydration process in advance at home so your body has hydration in store.

For Day Campers, we need parents to make sure their campers get enough sleep each night. A week of Day Camp is full of non-stop fun and activity, a good night of sleep is essential in helping your camper enjoy their week of camp.

For parents sending first-time campers, we encourage preparing your child for camp as your child will be away from home and surrounded by new people, new activities, and a new environment.

Talk to them about new experiences they will have and new friends they will make to get them looking forward to the adventure and ease any nervous anticipation they might be experiencing.

Health & Nutrition

You need the proper fuel to do camp right! Our kitchen crew is dedicated to providing tasty meals made from high-quality ingredients and fresh, healthy produce. Food allergies? No problem! We’re happy to work with you to make sure all your needs are met and your belly stays full!


For our summer programs Group Camp and Day Camp, we ask you to notify staff members that your camper(s) have medication when checking in. For Group Camp we will provide a secure facility for leaders to store the medication. Group Camp leaders are also responsible for distributing medications to their students. For Day Camp, your camper's counselor will hold onto the medication for your camper throughout the week.

Any emergency medications, such as inhalers and EpiPens, will remain on the camper or counselor at all times.

Water Quality

Drinking water at our main camp is supplied municipally through the city of Covington, and our Rainier Campus is fully glacier-fed. Our water is regularly monitored and tested, disinfected and is safe to drink by EPA standards. So, feel free to drink straight from the tap!

Automated External Defibrillator (AED)

Black Diamond Camp has multiple working Automated External Defibrillators (AED) located throughout both campuses.

Lifeguards on Duty

Our staff go through an extensive training course to attain their lifeguard certification, CPR/AED/First Aid Certification, and training for all of the adventure activities that we offer.

We have a large number of trained lifeguards on duty at all times during all waterfront activities. Lifeguards supervise and oversee all pool-waterfront and action features to ensure that campers play safe and have the most fun.

First Aid and Minor Incidents

Black Diamond Camp provides basic first aid for minor injuries and ailments during Group Camp, Day Camp and Retreats. Well stocked first aid kits are available throughout the camp and are regularly maintained. Our staff also have basic first aid supplies on them at all times throughout the summer.

Our CPR and First aid certified full-time and summer staff are responsible for treating minor scrapes and bruises and for making day-to-day medical decisions for campers within the limits of their training. For more serious injuries, conditions or ailments, trained Emergency Medical Services (EMS) will be called which the Auburn Mountain View Fire Department is less than 2 miles away from camp.

Child Protection Plan

Black Diamond Camp takes your child’s safety very seriously and has a Child Protection Plan in place to assure their well being, maintain constant vigilance and prevent abusive incidents from occurring. As a result, we have never had an incident of abuse. While we DO NOT discuss sexuality as part of our curriculum, it is important that you have an age-appropriate discussion with your child before attending camp. This will help keep your children safe any time they are away from you. Please review our Camper Code of Conduct with your child before they arrive and educate them on what behaviors are acceptable and unacceptable. Let them know that if they encounter any problems, to go immediately to their counselor or closest available staff member for assistance.

Bed Bugs & Lice Elimination

We hate bed bugs and lice, and are out to eliminate them! They are NOT welcome at camp and with the high volume of guests that come and go, we take many proactive steps to prevent them from showing up. We train our staff to look for signs of bed bugs, and we inspect for bed bugs between every camp session. But we can’t do it without you. So please do your part to insure these pests don’t come to our camp or your home.