Summer Staff Skills and Resume Builders

Summer Staff at Black Diamond Camp have the incredible opportunity to be the face of Camp to so many students. During their time with us, Summer Staff learn and develop many skills that can be useful to build their resumes.

Here are just a few:

People Skills: At Camp we serve people of all ages in many different programs. As counselors, Summer Staff are tasked with leading students (grades K-12) through activities, Bible studies, and the day-to-day life of a camper. Serving students with a caring, fun, and safe attitude is the forefront of being a counselor.

Ropes/Activities Facilitation: Counselors not only get to lead campers through Camp, but they also get to facilitate the activities for them! This could be sending campers down the zip line, lifeguarding in the pool, or leading them through group development games. All staff are also trained in CPR/First Aid through Red Cross. Our heart behind this is that the students are constantly building trust and authentic relationships with the counselors throughout the week so when it comes time to share the Gospel, the campers aren’t just hearing it from a stranger on stage, they’re hearing it from someone they’ve built trust and connection with.

Support Roles: Another aspect of Summer Staff responsibility is that they are all trained in many of the behind-the-scenes jobs that are essential to make Camp happen. Staff get the opportunity to work in a commercial kitchen helping with meal preps and cleanup, they learn basic housekeeping tasks such as cleaning restrooms and flipping the lodging rooms, as well as other various projects to help maintain and improve the campus.

Spiritual Leadership: Arguably one of the most important parts of being Summer Staff is leading the campers in their walks with God, no matter where the kids may be spiritually. During training we learn about how to effectively lead a Bible study so it’s approachable for kids who have never read a Bible, as well as how to engage those who are more familiar with it. Summer Staff are guided through how to facilitate our debriefs as well. Debriefs are another crucial time for students to dive deeper and really reflect on what they have just learned and experienced.

All of these skills come together to help us further our mission to inspire Christ-like change through outdoor adventure, authentic relationships, and Biblical truth.

If you, or someone you know, is interested in working at Black Diamond Camp this summer you can learn more here. We would love to get to know you and share about the ministry at Camp!

– Tyler Petras, Youth Program Manager