Summer Leadership Intro: Libby

My name is Libby Schneider, and I am 19 years old. I am currently living in Bozeman, Montana while attending university. When I first applied for Black Diamond Camp, I knew very little about the program.

My roommate and I were looking to apply for a summer camp, and we both ended up applying to Black Diamond Camp because my roommate loved attending the Warm Beach Camp campus as a kid. When we interviewed, we thought the managers seemed friendly, so I committed to the position of a Group Camp Counselor along with my roommate.

My favorite memory from Camp was getting to know the campers personally. I loved hearing the stories kids would tell and seeing their growth throughout the week. But, there were multiple reasons that I decided to return for this upcoming summer.

I love that I get to spend the whole summer outside, but the environment of Camp was also a convincing element of this job. Black Diamond Camp does an excellent job of fostering community. All the counselors and leadership grow close through training, close living quarters, and shared experiences.

This closeness allows everyone to rely on each other, making the Camp a positive place to work. I also really like the Camp’s general policies. One example is their policy of “challenge by choice”. This phrase means that campers are always encouraged to challenge themselves but are never forced to. I believe that policies such as these are part of what makes Black Diamond Camp such a happy environment.

I chose to come back as a leadership member because I want to be a part of the welcoming environment that I experienced. During my prior summer, I remember countless times when leadership ensured that all the staff felt included. It was also clear that staff members could ask for help when they needed it.

As a leader, I want to follow this standard, and continue to make staff feel heard and welcomed. I am looking forward to the ways that leadership will challenge my growth and can’t wait to meet all the new staff members this summer.

Some additional facts about me:
• Some of my hobbies are hiking, reading, and writing poetry.
• My favorite thing about Camp is all the flowers and trees I see every day.
• My favorite activity is to facilitate is the Kid Zip.

-Libby Schnieder, Day Camp Program Head, Summer 2024