Among Us and With Us!

This past Spring Break Day Camp was a huge success!

Through our theme “Among Us and With Us,” campers learned how God’s presence is everywhere and is available to everyone, and most importantly, that God wants to have a relationship with them today!

Thankfully, the weather was wonderful all week long and the 20 campers that attended were excited to learn about God, ready to play, and had the urge to dance. It was a fun week!

With spring break Day Camp now over, that means summer Day Camp is just around the corner. We are so excited to provide a place for campers to hear how much God loves them, make new memories, and meet new friends while playing outside.

This summer’s theme is “Eclipse”, and we are looking into the books of the Bible from Isaiah through Malachi. While looking into these books we are seeing that God’s people, the Israelites, are not changing their ways and keep sinning regardless of God’s warnings. Their sins were creating an Eclipse from God’s light.

Registration is filling up FAST, so make sure to register here for an amazing summer!

– Drew Hurst, Director of Youth Ministries