A Safe and Caring Place

Have you ever rushed to pick up your kids after a long workday? Thoughts of what to make for dinner, the nighttime schedule that has yet to be started, and wondering if running late burdens those watching your children? That was the reality for a single mother on her way to pick up her two children from Black Diamond Camp last summer.

Upon arriving at Black Diamond Camp, the mother apologized profusely for picking them up late. While leading her to where her children were, the staff helped to alleviate her worries by demonstrating grace and compassion. When she saw her children playing on the playground with Camp staff and heard that they already ate a nourishing dinner- relief, and gratitude set in.

For the next week, while her two children attended Camp, the mother could relax knowing they were in a safe place. Her children could participate in a whole week of summer activities without the added financial stress of finding childcare. In return, the children had transformational experiences in God’s beautiful creation. The ripple effect of children participating in a Christ-centered Camp has a lasting impact on the whole family!

Black Diamond Camp will serve this family again during a week of Day Camp this summer. This time around, the mother will attend Family Day and bring a whole network with her! Family Day is a wonderful opportunity for parents and families to see firsthand how kids memorize specific Scripture and how the staff initiates inspirational Christlike change through intentional activities while encountering real adventure.

This grace-filled, week-long experience was made possible by the Kids 2 Camp Scholarship Fund and the Kids 2 Camp Benefit Auction. The single mother came to Black Diamond Camp, seeking assistance with registration options. Through an intentional conversation and learning about this family, Ryan, the General Manager, blessed them by extending a Kids 2 Camp Scholarship. Ryan explained, “Through these scholarships, the Camp is allowed to have freedom and the availability to help relieve financial burdens for families while clearly presenting the Gospel. Kids 2 Camp dollars are life-changing!”