My Summer Staff Experience: Madison

Hear about Madison’s experience working on summer staff at Black Diamond Camp in 2021.

Why did you decide to do summer staff?

“Prior to working at Black Diamond Camp, I had no prior experience in camping ministry, but after hearing such good things about Camp, I decided to apply. Although I had no idea what to expect, I wanted the summer camp experience. I wanted to move out of state for the summer, serve my staff and serve kids! Black Diamond Camp gave me so much more than I ever even anticipated it would. I made lifelong relationships that I don’t think I’ll ever forget. It truly was a summer to remember, and I’ve been remembering it all year long.”

What’s one of your favorite things at camp? Activity, coffee order, department, etc.

“I [l-o-v-e-d] working the zipline (and this is only one of my favorite things)! It honestly was a thrill sending campers down and made me so proud of them. Swimming with my staff and campers too was always a blast. And don’t get me started on mealtimes. It’s just so great being able to build relationships with all the campers and staff through all the activities we do and time we spend together.

What was the hardest part? Most rewarding part?

“The hardest part of camp was probably the lack of downtime we had. But when you’re young it’s bearable! Camp keeps you moving at most times but again, even this is rewarding. Especially when you’re free to go to sleep!

All of camp was rewarding for me. There was not just one part. I think most of all, it’s the family you create with those you work with. You’re really working in the trenches together at times, and there’s no room or time to be someone you’re not. It’s a special season when you work at summer camp. Nothing can explain how much it impacts you. You just must live it to understand. It’s just so worth it.”

What’s one of your favorite/most memorable moments from camp?

“During the last session of Group Camp, we had a HUGE dance party with all the campers and councilors! We all went CRAZY dancing and singing. It was a precious moment!!”

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