My Summer Staff Experience: Kylie

Hello, my name is Kylie! I’m 19 and from Auburn, Washington. I first heard about Black Diamond Camp (BDC) when I attended Rainier Christian Schools, a school that meets on the BDC grounds. On one of the last days of my senior year in 2022, Tyler, the Youth Program Manager, came to our assembly and talked about Summer Staff. From there, I decided to work as Summer Staff in 2022 as a counselor/kitchen staff, stayed for the 2022-23 Internship Program, and came back as Activity Staff this last summer! 

As Activity Staff, I spent the morning setting up ropes and activities, ran them during the day, and took everything down in the evening. The most rewarding part of this role was being able to encourage campers whenever they were too scared to do the activity. It was awesome to not only see them do it but LOVE it! 

Applying for Summer Staff at Black Diamond Camp was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! I love this place and these people dearly. To anyone considering applying, do it! You’ll be welcomed with open arms, and I truly hope you love it just as much as I do! 
– Kylie Pope, 2023-24 Intern