BD Campus 1

My Favorite Place at Camp

When you come across the bridge at the entrance of Black Diamond Camp you are greeted by the friendliest of all trees. This tall tree sits on the bank of the creek and monitors the traffic. The traffic of the kids walking in its shade, the traffic of cars crossing the bridge it stands next to, and the traffic in the bustling creek that flows beside it.  

Of all the trees at Black Diamond Camp this is my favorite one. Its leaves start as the smallest buds in spring and grow to be green paper sized hearts that fan out in the sunshine of summer. On a nice day, you can stand beneath it and look up at the leaves like stained glass in a chapel marking the holiness of camp’s space.  On a rainy day you can stop beneath the leaves to adjust your raincoat and find some relief from wet and dreary weather. 

Where this tree resides is my favorite place at Black Diamond Camp because it has been beautiful in the stillness of the past year, it takes on a new magnificence in the busyness. This tree stands and bears witness to the busy, it monitors the traffic, and sways to the tempo of busy schedules. Some of my favorite moments of busy camp life are passing that tree and being reminded to breathe. Remembering that like that tree, I am merely bearing witness to the work the Lord is doing in this space. Like that tree we are all growing and changing and reminding and sheltering all those in our path in the stillness and in the busy. 

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-By A.C. Peery, Youth Programs Manager