Memories at Glacier Peak

Dan, lead Pastor of Parkside Church, walks up to the podium at center stage. After a night’s rest in the comfortable beds at Glacier Peak, he and his church are ready to soak up all that God has for them this weekend. Climbing walls, indoor swimming, and drift trikes for the kids are just a few activities that have been booked for the annual family retreat. He loves that his group gets to sleep in the same building where they worship as the Glacier Peak Lodge meeting rooms come fully equipped with sound equipment, projectors, whiteboards, a mini fridge, and a hot beverage bar. As he stares into the eyes of his congregation, he feels blessed to share God’s word.

Dan may be a fictional character, but the story does accurately depict all that Glacier Peak Lodge offers at Black Diamond Camp. With a capacity of 250 people, it’s great for churches looking to bunk families with a central common room for growth and bonding.

There are also many other add-on activities waiting for your group to use. And a full coffee bar and gift shop alongside a large dining room ready to serve you delicious meals!

Glacier Peak doesn’t fit your group? There are many more meeting rooms and lodging options available that fit most group sizes. For more information visit our Facility Rentals page here.