Internship Highlight – Quintin

I’m Quintin Carlson, and I am an Intern at Black Diamond Camp!

In 2022, I was working as a Summer Staffer at Camp. As the summer was reaching its end, I wasn’t sure what was next for me going into the fall season. I felt the call to step into youth ministry, but I was struggling to find a place to do it.

Then the opportunity to be part of the Internship Program was mentioned to me. Through prayer and processing, I decided to apply as a way to continue to serve others, grow in my faith, and be patient as where the Lord opened up opportunities for that youth ministry calling.

One of the ways I have seen myself personally grow from being an Intern is humbling/lowering myself, seeing how I am prideful/arrogant in my own thoughts and how it affects my relationships with others. I learned how to listen better and gain understanding of other people’s perspectives based on their background and experiences. The Internship has helped me see where I lacked in knowledge and understanding when applying what Scripture says as I desire to be more like Jesus and lean into how he calls me to live.

Through shadowing OPS, I have learned more about electrical wiring, auto, and the process of building things and repairs. I like the OPS department because it allows me to constantly work with my hands and problem solve. I get the joy of knowing the work the department puts in helps to keep Camp running behind the scenes so those who come to Black Diamond Camp have an enjoyable experience.

My favorite part of the Internship is the community we have. From game nights, to parties, and chill hang outs, it’s allowed me to get to know people better and create fun memories with those I get to work with.

Leading me to say, if you’re someone who, like me, wasn’t sure what is next for them after finishing school (whether that’s high school or college) and looking to serve others while growing in your faith, I recommend applying for the Internship here at Black Diamond Camp.

 – Quintin Carlson, 2022-23 Intern, Black Diamond Camp