A Full Circle Experience

As a first-year Intern at Black Diamond Camp, it is truly a joy to help run The Lights of Christmas. When I was a little kid, I experienced The Lights of Christmas with loved ones. Now that I work for the event, I have come full circle! I am blessed to see friends and family excited to see me participate in the long-loved tradition of sharing the joy and hope of Christmas with the community through the event.

During my time at The Lights of Christmas, I am surrounded by the lighthearted admissions and concessions team who welcome each guest with smiles that are as bright as the Christmas lights themselves.

I absolutely love hearing people share their stories of attending for years and joining in with excitement for newcomers.

One of my favorite memories while working for the event is backing into, and tripping over, a traffic cone behind me. It was a moment of embarrassment that soon transformed into shared laughter and a joyful conversation with those I was working with and the guests we were serving. I believe God is truly doing miraculous things through every moment of laughter and every interaction with the community.

It’s truly incredible to know how much effort and work goes into the event. The Lights of Christmas will be a memory of peace and cheer that will be a tradition for generations to come. From stopping at Joyland and talking to Bruce the Spruce, to the dumbfounding moment of seeing what Christmas is all about by the beautiful depiction of Christ’s birth.

I pray the event will continue to bring as much joy as it has brought me!

– Kayla Westberg, 2023-2024 Intern