Facilities at Black Diamond Camp

Do you and your group love the fun and intimacy of staying in dorm style cozy cabins settled next to a beautiful creek? Or do you prefer the privacy and comfort of hotel-style lodging? Whatever your tastes, your group can find rest and relaxation at Black Diamond Camp with the wide range of facilities we provide! 

One unique thing about our facilities is the versatility throughout each space. While each lodging and meeting space option has its own distinct layout, groups can choose the set up that best fits their specific needs.  

There are meeting spaces available that can accommodate a variety of group sizes. The Jericho meeting space is nestled in between two cabins that houses up to 40 guests. You can also reserve Crystal Mountain, one of the largest meeting spaces at Black Diamond Camp. This space is located near the Granite Mountain Gym and can accommodate up to 400 guests.  

Every meeting space comes complete with access to A/V equipment, complimentary coffee and hot water service, and chairs and tables set up according to your preferences. Think of every meeting space as a blank canvas. You get to dream together as a group on how you can best serve your guests, and we get to help make that dream a reality!  

Find out more about facility rentals at Black Diamond Camp at https://www.blackdiamond.org/rentals/ 

-Heather Hartke, Guest Service Director, Black Diamond Camp