Welcome to the Dining Hall

Have you had the chance to visit the Mount Baker Dining Hall at Black Diamond Camp? Here at Camp, we believe that some of the best conversations happen at mealtimes. So, we serve meals family style!

That means when a group arrives at the Dining Hall, they will have tables reserved just for them; already prepared with plates and utensils. There is also a wooden token that gets taken back into the service area of the kitchen in exchange for a tray of food. This allows the group to stay seated together for most of the meal, focusing on developing deeper connections!

When you walk into the Dining Hall you may notice a giant Moose head mounted on that wall, that’s Zeus the Moose! It’s a long-standing Black Diamond Camp tradition that if you’re at camp on your birthday, everyone sings happy birthday, and you kiss the moose!

Another unique feature of the Dining Hall is the Coffee Shop, open at all mealtimes! The Coffee Shop not only sells espresso drinks, but other fun treats like soda, cotton candy, Red Bull, and candy! It also houses all our merchandise, from hoodies and T-shirts to stickers and Nalgene’s, so you can take a little piece of Camp home with you!

We hope that you enjoy your stay at the Mount Baker Dining Hall! To learn more about booking an event at Black Diamond Camp, click here.

 – Tori Henry, 2023-24 Intern