Did I See What I Think I Just Saw

Did I See What I Think I Just Saw? Challenging our filters for enhanced clarity.

Since moving to Black Diamond Camps, I have been experiencing the pain and pleasure of the mountain on new levels through mountain biking. When going on these adventures, it is important to utilize the right gear to help you survive the mountain. With the droves of flying bugs, splattering mud, sun glare, and rogue tree limbs slapping my face at every turn, it did not take me long to realize the need for proper eye protection.

Eyes are sensitive and susceptible to severe damage without proper protection.  Without sight, it is impossible to navigate the treacherous path ahead, making the mountain much more dangerous. With sight, I am able to see the majestic sunrises and gorgeous creation all around me.

The goal of proper eyewear is to allow your eyes to be protected but at the same time giving clarity to see everything around you, without modification. Manufacturers construct eyewear so consumers can obtain clarity, protection and unobstructed/enhanced vision.

When I was on the path this particular morning, I realized my glasses were smudged. It was causing me to squint and concentrate heavily on what I thought was ahead of me.  The blurred lens made it difficult for me to make out the shadows and obstacles I was navigating. Just the other day, on the same path, a rattlesnake was curled up and postured to strike any unsuspecting threat. Because of the obstructed vision and the lack of clarity, I was having a hard time deciphering if it was a stick I was seeing or a snake. The shadows moved so fast and my clarity was hindered by my filter of sight.

In this life, we all are wearing glasses. These filters of the sight can hinder our clarity, preventing us to perceive what is in front of us. It is amazing how the lens we look through colors our perception and reality and truth. Life experiences, inward health, and spiritual growth construct the effectiveness and clarity of these lenses. When bad things happen, how do we see it? What is our angle? Are there smudges on our lenses that are confusing us from clarity?