Evan Sterbick BD

Counselor Spotlight: Evan Sterbick

Here at Black Diamond Adventure Camps, we LOVE our summer staff! These super-fun, spiritually-sound, college-aged leaders come from all walks of life, and serve our campers with enthusiasm, day in and day out. It’s not always easy, they say, but the experience is worth it 100 percent!

Today we’re featuring Evan Sterbick!

Hey, Evan! Where are you from?

Graham, Washington

What do you do in the off-season?

I’m a full-time student at Western Oregon University. I volunteer with Family Building Blocks in Dallas, Oregon, as well as with my church.

How many years have you worked at Black Diamond? And in which programs?

I’ve worked with Black Diamond Camps for the last three years, and before that, I worked for Camp Berachah for two years. I worked in the equestrian department for both camps and then transitioned to Group Camp!

How did God bring you to Black Diamond?

God brought me to Black Diamond through a senior project that I did back in high school. I was involved in a small non-profit that brought low income and homeless children to ride horses. We took lessons at camp. It was then that I was asked what I was doing for summer and was later hired on staff as the Wranglers in Training leader. God continued to bring me back even after the merger. He knew that there was more joy to be given, shared, and experienced at Black Diamond. It truly is a valley of blessing.

What’s your favorite activity at camp?

My favorite activity at camp is either rock climbing or making way too many s’mores (for one person) over a campfire!

What’s your favorite meal at camp?

My favorite meal at camp is always pasta with vegetables and salad.

What do you love most about being on summer staff at Black Diamond?

I love the family vibes that you create with full-time and summer staff. Many of my past co-workers are like brothers and sisters to me. Some of them have become best friends that will last a lifetime. God has brought wonderful brothers and sisters in Christ from Black Diamond into my life. I’m grateful for the opportunity to have gone back for so many years to create and foster so many authentic relationships.

What’s one unexpected way that being on summer staff has grown your faith?

It gave me an awareness of what actually having a relationship with God is actually like. Before camp, I thought that being Christian and moral was my identity, when in reality my identity is completely found in Christ. Peers and mentors from camp have pushed me to grow in my relationship with God through prayer, self-reflection, and going deeper into the Word. With this encouragement, I was able to continue my relationship with God outside of camp and continue to nurture it.

Can you tell us about a specific moment or experience that deeply impacted your life, while working at camp?

I was once able to pray with a camper to accept Christ into their heart and mind. They were dealing with a lot of mental stress from their home, school, and community environment. God seemed so far away from them. They asked and questioned if God even cared. Talking with them about the truth of God’s love and goodness brought peace to their heart. They had known so many loves that were fractured, passive, insecure, and selfish. Learning how God’s love is the opposite of that was life-giving. God moved through that camper, changing their life forever.

Any advice for someone considering applying for summer staff at Black Diamond?

Go into camp with a heart and mind ready to be molded by God. He will change you in ways you can’t imagine. Get ready for some incredible friendships that will hold you accountable, have your back, encourage you, and push you to lean into the Lord versus yourself. Get ready to have a blast doing the Lord’s work. You’re living out His great commission and “being sent.”

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