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Bringing the Bible to Life at Group Camp

Take a moment and imagine being surrounded by 400 other people. Some strangers, some long-time friends, some people who you just met this week from a completely different church. You are all being led by a counselor whom you met at the beginning of this week, and they are taking you to your evening gathering.  

When you all finally arrive, you see a bunch of tables surrounding the area with food on them, but for some reason, there are no meats or animal products. It is then explained that you are in fact in the “Garden of Eden” where among all this amazing food, you realize there is a meat option, a hotdog, with a note that says, “Do Not Touch!” As you wrap up the meal, you realize the hotdog has been snatched up by one of the groups. Soon after, one of the leaders gathers everyone’s attention and says, “Sin has entered the world and you all have to leave immediately.” 

In Group Camp we use experiences like this to bring the Bible to life and often, thinking outside the box for an impactful experience. In addition to creating the Garden of Eden last year, we also did a huge color war with clean tables we painted black. After the color war, we had kids write on the tables what they thought of themselves and what people have said about them to tie in the theme of 2021, Story. 

These are just some of the fun and intentional ways we try and bring the Bible to life at Black Diamond Camp. As we often say after a crazy night of stretching ourselves to make these awesome experiences come to life, “Welcome to Group Camp!” 

Interested in learning more about Group Camp? Visit our website here or call JJ Lara at 208.391.5726.  

-JJ Lara, Business Development Specialist