Copper Mountain Exterior

A Great Retreat Space!

Black Diamond Camp, located just south of Seattle, strives to be a place where authentic relationships can form and flourish. To achieve this, a variety of meeting spaces are available that allow groups of most sizes and interests to enjoy their time at Camp in a comfortable setting, while still being surrounded by the beautiful outdoor scenery and adventure activities.

The dedicated staff do everything in their power to ensure that groups are provided with everything they need to succeed. Each meeting space includes a self-service coffee/tea bar, tables, chairs, and access to AV equipment as requested (sound system, projector). Here is a list of meeting spaces available at Black Diamond Camp.

Crystal Mountain: Max Capacity 420
Crystal Mountain is the largest meeting space, connected to the Granite Mountain Gym, allowing easy access to all Gym activities. This space features a full sound and light board, light bar to enhance stage aesthetics and design, as well as a screen, projector, speakers, and microphones. The lobby has a beautiful lounge area as well as two public restrooms.

Mt. Zion and Mt. Hermon at Glacier Peak Lodge: Max Capacity 250 (each space)
Mt. Zion is the top floor meeting space of Glacier Peak Lodge with a panoramic view of the valley. The lower-level meeting space, Mt. Hermon, allows easy access to the back patio and fire pit at Glacier Peak Lodge.

Copper Mountain: Max Capacity 100
Copper Mountain is composed of four separate quadrants (quads) that are all connected by a large meeting room in the center. The meeting space of Copper Mountain is equipped with a portable sound board, projector screen, fridge and indoor fireplace.

Mt. Si: Max Capacity 80
Mt. Si comes equipped with a projector, sound board, fireplace, and fridge. This meeting space is the closest to the Mount Baker Dining Hall and the Olympic Range Cabins. In addition to the indoor fireplace, it is also located next to an outdoor firepit.

Jericho: Max Capacity 40
Jericho meeting space is the best suited when occupying cabins 9 and 10. This meeting space sits at the center of the two and is great for smaller gatherings. Jericho comes equipped with a portable soundboard, screen, and projector.

Each meeting space is great for a variety of events, serving churches, schools, or nonprofit/community groups. We would love the opportunity to partner with you this year to cultivate those authentic relationships! For booking information, visit

 – Rosalyn Harris – 2022-23, Black Diamond Camp, Intern