3 Unexpected Benefits of a Father-Son Retreat

Father-Son Retreats – they may sound like all fun and games (trust us, they still are!) but these unique getaways offer far more than what you might expect.

At Black Diamond, our Father-Son Retreats provide dads and sons with the opportunity to engage in adventure activities that strengthen their special bond and teach both parties important lessons along the way.

Here are three benefits of a Father-Son Retreat at Black Diamond that you might not have thought about yet!

Bonding Over Outdoor Adventure

Our Father-Son Retreats at Black Diamond are designed to strengthen the bond between dad and son, and grow the relationship between each individual and Christ. Here in the great outdoors, you and your son will overcome obstacles, compete and work as a team, and at the end of the day, reflect on God’s goodness as an inseparable, dynamic duo.

Activities You Can Expect:

  • Swimming – Cannonball! Splash into our indoor, heated pool.
  • Mega Tree – Climb the Mega Tree (40’ tall) and zipline or rappel down.
  • Night Zip – Night Zip is everything you love about ziplining, but in the dark!
  • Mountain Biking – Borrow our bikes and helmets and hit the trails around our campus.
  • Drift Trikes – Get your drift on, while racing around the gym on oversized tricycles.
  • Crane Yard – Test your coordination on the ultimate obstacle course!
  • And more!

Leading by Real, Christ-Like Example

There’s nothing quite like the special connection that fathers share with their sons and, though we often forget it, kids pick up on more than they let on. So why not lead them by example, in a way that’s both practical and fun?

At Black Diamond, your son will make lasting memories, learn Biblical principles that will echo throughout their lifetime, and most importantly, see their fathers placing priority on family and God. And you know what they say… “Like father, like son!”

Learn What Defines a Godly Man

With our Father-Son Retreats at Black Diamond, we focus on providing lessons that are applicable far beyond the borders of our campus. What we offer isn’t just for one audience; instead, both fathers and sons can take home truths to apply to their everyday lives.

Camp may come to an end, but what’s experienced here at Black Diamond will help dads and sons become walking examples of Biblical truth and Christ’s never-ending love.

If you’re as eager as we are to help you and your son create memories that will last a lifetime, then click here to learn more about Father-Son Retreats. Do you have more questions that need answering? Click here to get in touch!