Winter Day Camp is Almost Here! 

Winter is officially here! Days are shorter, temperatures are colder, and the sun peaks out occasionally, teasing us with its warmth. This benchmark of the seasons reminds me that, yes summer is close, but Winter Day Camp is so much closer. Winter Day Camp for kids ages 5-12, allows us to invite families back to Camp, reunite friends, and we’ll have the opportunity to bring camp adventures to new families in our community.  

This winter, laughter and joy will resonate in the air once again as the campers come together singing praise to our King. Kids will experience adventure activities. Walls and guards in campers’ hearts will drop allowing healing and renewal.

Yes, summer is almost here, but Winter Day Camp is so much closer. 

Winter Day Camp at Black Diamond Camp, in Auburn, Washington, runs February 21-25, 2022. Register today at 

-Drew Hurst, Director of Youth Ministries