Welcome Jagger Riffle!

Black Diamond Camp is excited to welcome Jagger Riffle as the full-time cook!

Jagger served as an intern at Black Diamond for the last year and a half and has now transitioned his role from intern to full-time, year-round staff. The internship at Black Diamond allowed him to explore all the avenues of ministry involved in Christian Camping. Jagger came into his internship with missions experience through YWAM and also had experience working in a church.

For Jagger, the draw to Christian Camping is about reaching people for Jesus through adventure. He enjoys creating experiences for people outside their everyday lives where they can encounter Christ. Jagger has experience in food service and looks forward to serving Black Diamond guests through food.

One thing he loves about working in the kitchen is that eating is the common place where all groups come together, “Everyone has to eat, and I enjoy offering our guests a good meal that feels like home.” Black Diamond appeals to a unique blend of groups, and eating together in the dining hall is the one time groups are together in one place.

Jagger is happy to join the full-time staff at Black Diamond and is excited about full-time life at Camp. Next time you are at Black Diamond, stop by the kitchen to say hello. Jagger might be cooking up his favorite camp meal, Teriyaki Chicken!