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What component of the program did you value most during your time as a participant in this course?

Definitely the guide mindset and the focus on noticing and employing that. The certifications are a tangible thing that say we are capable of practicing in a certain field but the guide mindset is a clearly key component in all of our trainings and experiences. It lends itself greatly to our future successes.

Has completing this course given you an idea of what direction you would like to go professionally? If so, what direction is that?

It most definitely showed me what components of the outdoors I enjoyed most and what I would feel comfortable teaching to people. I quite enjoyed backpacking and canyoneering and would feel comfortable guiding either one in the future.

What did the instructor do well?

He employed a near perfect balance of sternness and encouragement in everything he taught. He taught well and told us that, though he was teaching something one way, there are other ways to do it. He was never proud or unreachable.