The Coffee Shop

Camp pairs well with a good cup of coffee! At Black Diamond Camp, we LOVE coffee, and it plays a big role in making Camp happen. So of course, the Coffee Shop is one of my favorite features here at Camp.

The Coffee Shop is located in the Mt. Baker Dining Hall and is open at all mealtimes. Our menu consists of 4 signature lattes called: The Graham, Campfire, Sasquatch, and Black Bear, each of which vary in sweetness and flavor and can be made hot or iced! In addition to our signature lattes, we are also able to make all of your espresso favorites, such as americanos, lattes, macchiatos, and so much more!

Not a coffee drinker? Try one of our teas, flavored Red Bulls, or Italian sodas! We have a ton of fun syrups such as lavender, passionfruit, blue raspberry, and cherry that can be added to any of our beverages!

Our Coffee Shop is also home to all our Black Diamond Camp merchandise! Whether it’s a new Camp shirt, hoodie, sticker, or Nalgene, we have a lot of great options of camp souvenirs to remember the amazing time you had at Camp!

We can’t wait to make you a drink during your visit! Make sure to stop on by and check it out while you’re here at Black Diamond Camp!

 – Kaelin Lara, Guest Services Event Coordinator