Team Building at New Heights

The Vertical Playpen at Black Diamond Camp is perfect for any group looking for a challenge! Suspended between two trees, you and two friends can work together to navigate swaying beams, slanted posts, and spinning tires as you make your way to the top. Once at the top, everyone can stand tall and take in a view of Camp from a platform set at over 35-feet from the ground! 

Looking to grow as a team? The Vertical Playpen offers unique teambuilding opportunities for those in the trees and on the ground! When climbing, three individuals are connected to the structure through a belay system and connected to each other by the waist. Meaning that everyone must move together as they work their way up the structure. 

In addition, those who prefer to stay on the ground can also lend a helping hand! Each climber is connected to the structure via a belay system, specifically a post belay. The rope is connected to the climber’s harness, runs to the top of the structure, and back down through a wooden post. After weaving though the post, four individuals can stand on the other side to operate the post belay. Their job is to make sure the rope is always tight so that if the climber falls, they won’t hit the ground. Facilitated by trained staff members, this not only allows the belayers to work together, but it is an opportunity to build trust between those on the ground and those in the trees! 

Whether you’re looking to take on a challenge or hoping to grow as a team, The Vertical Playpen is perfect for group development!  

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-Jessica Saxer, 2021-2022 Intern