Summer Service Teams!

When teenagers age out of camp sessions, that is often when structure, a supportive community, and the presence of God are needed the most in their lives. Trying to figure out who you are and where you belong in this world can be frightening for anyone. To help bridge the gap, Black Diamond Camp has created a program that offers teens an outlet to gain life and work experience within a safe camp experience.

The Service Team is a free volunteer program for youth ages 15-17. This program consists of three session groups, each lasting three weeks. During each session, the students live on grounds in the same area as the Summer Staff. The two groups share the same common room and facilities, but the Service Team has its own bunk rooms. This way, the students are easily integrated into the Summer Staff community while still having their own space and appropriate boundaries.

The students are led by college-age Service Team leads who work alongside them. The students help with behind-the-scenes projects that make Camp run smoothly and efficiently so that the guests have the best experiences possible. Each student is encouraged to participate in camp activities, including Group Development and the High Ropes course. This program allows the students to come out of their shells, build a close-knit community, and grow spiritually and interpersonally.

Last summer, three boys quickly found themselves in all sorts of shenanigans whenever they were together. However, throughout the session, they all began to build trust and a relationship with the leaders and started to be actively engaged in the Bible Studies. At the end of summer, they all started going to the youth group that one of the leaders is involved in, and one of the boys just made the decision to be baptized for the first time!

By creating a specifically designed environment for these students, Christ-like change is happening in their lives!

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