Bring the Classroom Outdoors!

Where adventure, education, and exploration come together!

There’s nothing quite like a camp experience to bring learning to life.  Nature and adventure experiences at Camp make it the perfect place for learning to really stick! Students love Outdoor Education at Black Diamond Camp, because it’s hands-on, engaging, and fun! It’s also affordable and customizable to meet your group’s goals, including Next Gen Science Standards.

Experiential Learning

The start and end of the school year can be hard for students as they find their place in a new classroom or lose focus as summer approaches. Camp is a place where positive learning happens and creates a setting for authentic relationships to emerge.

The beauty of the Black Diamond grounds and the engaging staff provide a wholesome environment where students can experience adventure and grow in community. It's an ideal way to switch things up and get kids excited to learn!


You have the freedom to choose your group’s curriculum topics. Our educators will teach the classes, while teachers and chaperones participate alongside the students. Together, we create a truly immersive learning experience that fosters collaboration and deeper understanding.

  • Water Ecology
  • Orienteering
  • Outdoor Survival
  • Nature Discovery Trek
  • Cooperative Challenge/Team Building
    Class List 


Outdoor and Indoor activities are what Black Diamond Camp does with great enthusiasm! Add one or more of the following options for your group’s stay. Gym activities: Climbing Wall, Crane Yard, and more!

Design Your Group’s Stay

We can create a full package program for you, or work with you to customize your group’s experience. Overnight and Day programs available. Includes lodging, meals, and access to activities and ecology.

  • Choose a length of stay.
  • Book dates with the Black Diamond guest service team.
  • Outline your goals for students.
  • Select curriculum topics.
  • Choose evening activities. You can run these on your own, or with our staff taking the lead.

Creating Your Group’s Schedule

We recognize that each group is unique, and we work to make sure your experience is designed to suit your needs.


Below are generic sample schedules.

Time Scheduled Event


9:00 AMArrive at Black Diamond Camp | Orientation/Welcome
9:30-10:30 AMIcebreakers & Name Games
10:30 AM- 12:00PM Classes* | choose from class list (ex. Orienteering, etc.)
12:00 PMLunch
1:00-2:30 PMBlack Diamond Activities – choose your own adventure! OR Classes*
2:30-3:00 PMCampfire & S’mores
3:00 PMDinner

*Class Segment Note:

We may offer anywhere from 1 class (for small groups) to 4 class rotations (large groups) for each Classes segment.

Contact us for full programs or do-it-yourself options.