Ministry Workers find Rest & Relax at Ministers Escape   

As an organization, we see how much pastors and those who work in ministry give of themselves daily. Our desire with Ministers Escape is to provide a place for those who minister to others to be ministered to. We want each person to have the opportunity to rest, refresh, and recharge.   

At Ministers Escape, we strive to create a schedule which allows each person to come-and-go and create their own adventure whether as an individual, with team members, or with their families.   

Some choose to use this opportunity to spend time as a team brainstorming and growing together, while others choose to disconnect and rest. We encourage each person to use their time at Camp as they need with no pressure of running from one activity to another.   

Mealtimes provide an opportunity for everyone to come together in the dining hall and connect while enjoying the food cooked by our kitchen staff. Moments where the staff get to fellowship with those in attendance during meals, learning more about them and their ministries, is something we truly value.    

 Over the course of these few days, various activities are open throughout the morning and afternoon. There are opportunities to zip across the creek on our zipline, climb a route on our 3D Climbing Wall, or see who can get the biggest spin on our drift trikes! There are activities for all ages, including a Kids’ Zip, so those who wish to bring their families can be assured there is something for everyone! Evenings provide more opportunities for everyone to come together, whether that is enjoying s’mores around a campfire or spending the evening in worship.    

Taking time to rest and recharge is vital for each person. It is our hope that Ministers Escape can help provide that opportunity for pastors and their families to do so.   

Ministers Escape is an affordable way to rest, relax and recharge. We provide a “3 for free” where the first three people from your ministry are free!   

We truly value the opportunity to share Black Diamond Camp facilities and we are so excited to be offering this event again this Spring! If you are looking for time to get away and rest, sign up today!

-Allison Brannan, Guest Services Event Coordinator, Black Diamond Camp