Light Beyond the Campfire

“It has seemed good to me to show the signs and wonders of the most high God has done for me.” Daniel 4:2 ESV

The warmth from a campfire on a cold winter evening, sticky marshmallows from the s’more you put a little too close to the fire, The flames popping and crackling in a pile of wood welcome friends to come cozy up around a campfire in the woods. The trees swaying in the wind just happen to create the perfect opening with the creek tracing the outer part of where the firepit lies. The stars light up the sky over a group huddled around the fire.

The glow around the flame is mesmerizing while everyone is quietly reflecting on this peaceful feeling until someone says, “Back in my day…” Slowly, memories begin to resurface and are shared among a trusted group of friends.

The narratives of or lives are unique and complicated. The corners of our hearts are messy, and it can make our brains feel cluttered in ways that we don’t even realize. When we talk about the messy corners with close friends, they can help us clean up the mess, the complicated parts become clearer, and our friends can offer encouragement and a different perspective. When we open up to a trusted community, we open doors to be better known and as a result, better loved.

The Lord draws us to himself first, and the to the people around us creating a circle of people who you trust with the deeper parts of your story. They become the light that is beyond the campfire. Similarly, to Daniel, we show them the “signs and wonders” of the life we live with The Lord.

Heavenly Father, I pray that you draw me to you, I ask that you connect me to campfire friends so that as a result, I can gain a better understanding of my story and who I am in you, Lord. Amen.

-Kaelin Lara, Guest Services Event Coordinator