Summer Leadership Introduction: Olivia

Hi, my name is Olivia! I’m twenty-two years old and I’m from Vancouver, Washington. I first heard about Black Diamond Camp from a friend in college. It sounded like a fun and positive atmosphere where I could both be impacted by God and help make an impact in a community! I began working on Summer Staff in 2021 as a counselor and loved it! I got to test my personal strengths and be a part of an amazing team of counselors. Over the course of the summer, I learned that I had a passion for Group Camp, working with middle and high schoolers.

One of my favorite memories from that summer at Black Diamond Camp was helping a camper who was scared of heights challenge his fears and go down the Zipline. The other kids in his youth group had all participated and he was the last one to go. His whole group cheered him on as he conquered his fear! It was wonderful seeing the culture of encouragement and teamwork they had created through their week at Camp.

I’m so excited to come back this summer in a new role as a Group Camp Program Head! I’m looking forward to seeing how the Lord will use me, challenge me, and grow me through this leadership position. I can’t wait for all the fun this summer will hold!

– Olivia Gains, Group Camp Program Head, 2023