Jumping Into Abundance

At camp, my favorite activity is definitely the zipline. I love running the zipline, especially when I get to facilitate the crow’s nest. The crow’s nest position means you are at the top of the tree and are the person who is responsible for getting people safely attached to the zipline, talking them through the process, and providing the support needed for them to zip down. The crow’s nest sits at about 35 feet up and it’s amazing up there! Getting to look out at the other trees and getting to see over the creek is beautiful and so peaceful.

Being in the crow’s nest feels like being in your own little world and if I get the chance to get up there before the group arrives, you’ll find me reading a book at the top of the tree. Seeing things from such a different perspective is such a blessing and really shows me God’s greatness and majesty through His creation. Every time I facilitate the zipline, I am so amazed at the luck I have in getting to work here. How cool is it I get to zipline at work!!

Another thing I love about the zipline is it revolves around the people. Asking people to climb up a tree using only metal staples and then asking them to jump out of the aforementioned tree is no easy task. Most people aren’t used to being up that high and are understandably scared or nervous about jumping out of a tree.

That’s where the person at the crow’s nest comes in and I love getting to be a part of that experience for them. Getting to address any worries or fears and making sure that everyone feels safe before jumping out of the tree is a huge part of what we do. It’s the most amazing thing when someone who is literally shaking because they’re afraid of heights jumps off the platform because you were able to encourage them and support them in just the right way. It makes me so happy when people try things they’ve never done before and getting to see the joy on their face after facing something that really scared them is so rewarding.

Chapter 10 of John’s gospel quotes Jesus as saying “He has come so that we may have life and have it to the full” and I think the zipline is an activity and experience that embodies this scripture and ultimately, brings people closer to the Lord. So, if y’all get the chance to come out to Black Diamond Camp, you have to figure out a way to do the zipline, I promise you will not regret it!!

 – Annaliesa Flannagan, 2022-23 Intern