2022-2023 Interns

Internship Skills and Resume Builders

The Interns at Black Diamond Camp are the hands-and-feet in making life change at Camp. While working in camp ministry, there are a wide range of skills interns learn and develop.

Here are just a few of the skills gained through the Internship Program:

Hospitality and Guest Service: A large part of the Internship Program is spent serving guest groups on grounds during Retreat Season. When working with guest groups, interns facilitate activities, work in the Coffee Shop, help with meals, facilitate campfires, and so much more! All of these are guest facing responsibilities. Interns are amazing at giving guests the best experience possible through flexibility, a friendly smiling face, and building authentic relationships.

Ropes and Activity Facilitation: Outdoor Adventure at Black Diamond Camp inspires Christ-like change as guests are pushed out of their comfort zones into the trust and faith of Christ. With outdoor adventure comes many activities that include high ropes. Interns train in knot tying, facilitating activities such as the zipline, climbing wall, rappel wall and more. In addition, each intern can spend time in the heated pool and become lifeguard certified. First Aid and CPR Certifications are also obtained during their time at Black Diamond Camp.

Barista, Food Service, and Retail: When interns aren’t 35 feet in the air facilitating the zipline, you can find them in the kitchen or the Coffee Shop. From meal prep, clean-up, making a guest’s favorite latte (or Italian soda of course), and helping guests pick out a new camp t-shirt; interns help with it all!

Groundskeeping and Housekeeping: A large part in making Camp happen, goes on behind the scenes. From cleanup to yard maintenance, each background task plays a huge role in life change for the campers at Camp!

Spiritual and Leadership Development: Through the Internship Program each intern can shadow full-time and leadership staff. This gives interns the chance to learn all the ins-and-outs of each position. While living in community with one another, interns are encouraged to find someone to mentor them through their spiritual development and grow intentional relationships. There is also an opportunity to learn the Bible through a biblical studies class offered for each intern to dive deep in the Bible.

All of these skills are obtained while working to fulfill Black Diamond Camp’s mission of inspiring Christ-like change through outdoor adventure, authentic relationship and biblical truth.

If you would like to learn more about the Internship Program, click here!

 – Kaelin Lara, Guest Services Event Coordinator, Internship Manager