Shadowing Summer Recruiting

Internship Program Highlight – Recruiting

Through the Internship Program at Black Diamond Camp, young adults have an opportunity to assist, and shadow each department of Camp. One way they do this is through recruiting trips! During the non-summer months, we hit the road and visit tons of colleges and young adult groups to recruit Summer Staff.

It’s always great having them come on these trips. It’s amazing to see their ability to connect with the college students in ways I wouldn’t think of. This year, all the 2022-23 Interns started as Summer Staff in 2022 which allows them to provide relevant, real-life examples as to why Camp is the place to be when asked.

Recently, one of the Interns, Mana, and I travelled to Oregon to recruit at a couple colleges. Mana was fun, wasn’t afraid to be goofy, and did a fantastic job getting students to come to the booth. We joked that “Group Camp Mana” came out, since he was bringing the same energy as he did when he was counseling over the summer. That energy is what brought students to our booth and allowed us to get to know them and, hopefully, encourage them to apply for Summer Staff! All that to say, recruiting trips with the Interns are always much more exciting than without.

I’m thankful for the interns’ effectiveness and excitement during recruiting trips. I’m also thankful for the structure of the Internship Program which allows me to have some company while recruiting!

 – Tyler Petras, Youth Program Manager