Interns Fall 2022

We are so thankful to have the privilege of working alongside nine amazing Interns this year and are looking forward to getting to know them over this season. Here’s a little to help you begin to get to know them too!

Jagger Riffle is a second-year Intern here at Camp, originally from Kent, Washington. He came out to Camp in Summer 2021 to do Summer Staff and has been here ever since. He loves making campfires for groups here at Camp!

Rachel Welch also returns from our 2021 – 2022 program. She came to Camp in March of 2022 from New York. We love having Rachel on our team!

Preston Haggerty, also from Kent, joined us on staff here in May to do Summer Staff and stayed on for the Internship. He loves doing Group Development and running the Giant Swing.

Rosalyn Harris came to Washington all the way from Tulsa, Oklahoma. She also came to Camp in May for Summer Staff and loves the “Rip n Dip”!

Kylie Pope came to camp in May to join our Summer Staff for Summer 2022. She is from Auburn, Washington and loves Axe Throwing.

Hei Abe is from Fukuoka, Japan and is one of our former International Students! He came to Camp for the first time in Summer 2021 and after coming back for a second summer this year, decided to stay for the Internship. He loves running the 3-D Climbing Wall.

Annaliesa Flanagan is from Lee Summit, Missouri. She also came to Camp this past summer for Summer Staff and is staying on as an Intern. She loves running the crow’s nest at the top of the Zipline.

Quintin Carlson is a Washinton native from Gig Harbor. He came to Camp in May 2022 for Summer Staff and loves running Group Development for groups.

Mana Tupuola, another Intern from Kent, loves Archery Tag. He came to Camp in May 2022, and is a joy to have here.

We can’t wait to see what’s to come of these amazing crew of Interns and are so excited for all the memories that will be made.