Mountain Tops - Group Development

Growing Together

Sound Christian Academy brought 100 high school students for a few days at the end of August to help build connections among scholars for the new school year. They participated in several group development activities where students stepped out of their comfort zone to complete the 3D Web as well as the TP Shuffle; unique team building activities at Camp.

The dean of students expressed how great it was to see several of their new students talk about how much the retreat helped them feel more connected and involved. Many felt they developed closer relationships with each other.

Other opportunities for relational growth included a larger scale battleship game played on a sand volleyball court with water balloons, as well as random seating for meals. This mix-up placed students next to peers they might not know very well. As the meal went on, the volume in the dining hall began to rise with conversation and laughter among new friends. The intentionality continued for the remainder of their stay with activities like the Crane Yard and 3D Climbing Wall as well as worship that took place during their stay.

The dean of students shared that, “This was the first time I saw high school students go up to the front of the stage during worship. During some of the songs they even jumped up and down. It was awesome to see teenagers excited about worshiping Jesus! In fact, more students were up front by the stage than stayed where they were.” It’s amazing to see how Jesus works at Camp and we look forward to hosting Sound Christian Academy again at the beginning of next school year!

We are so blessed to have the opportunity to invest in these teens!

Mickey Slakey, Guest Services Event Coordinator