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God’s Creation

West of the Cascade Mountain Range, God’s majesty is thriving. Gentle streams weave through enchanting forests of green and form breathtaking waterfalls. Trees, taller than high-rise buildings blanket the mountainside. Glaciated volcanic peaks command your attention, no matter how far away you might be. This land will remind you of His grandeur and leave you in awe. This is real adventure.

Mountains & Valleys

The Cascade Mountain Range splits the left third of Washington into a lush jungle of green. Rocky peaks covered in snow tower in the distance and encase the Seattle area in its own little world unlike anywhere in America. At a staggering height of 14,411 feet, Mount Rainier’s iconic peak can be seen for a hundred miles or more.

Rivers & Streams

Rivers stemming from Mount Rainier’s many glaciers cut through the landscape and bring energy to the surrounding wildlife. Descending from the Emmons Glacier, the White River flows down into the valley below, creating a beautiful natural boundary between nearby counties. The Green River flows near our Auburn campus, where you can enjoy a fun afternoon rafting in the sun. Definitely a crowd favorite for some good summertime tubing!

Forests & Vegetation

Native flora heavily consists of large evergreen trees, such as Douglas fir, Western Red Cedar, and various species of pine. Maple, Alder, and other deciduous trees supply a beautiful palette of color in the fall. In the spring, Cherry Blossom petals blanket the earth in pink and white.


Near campus, you’ll encounter a diverse wildlife of many shapes and sizes. Deer, elk, and rabbits are found prancing around camp on a daily basis. Waterfowl and various birds of prey populate the area and nearby bodies of water. Keep your head on a swivel, because you just might catch a glimpse of a bald eagle that resides nearby.


Closer to the mountain, you’ll experience a variety of texture including rocky outcrop, steep ridges, lush green forests, and deep canyons. Come around springtime, grassy fields showcase their beauty in a burst of color. No matter your preference, you’re bound to find a landscape that appeals to your heart for adventure.


The local climate consists of mild, wet winters with occasional snowfall at our main campus, and a significant increase closer to the mountain. Our Rainier Campus has been known to receive several feet of snow within short periods, creating a beautiful white landscape most people only get to see on the big screen. During the summer, the sun shines bright and the air is mostly dry. Local temperature stays moderate, creating a perfect atmosphere that you wish would never leave.