Fun in Granite Mountain Gym at Black Diamond Camp

The Granite Mountain Gym at Black Diamond Camp provides a variety of indoor adventure activities for groups of all ages. With activities like a 3D Climbing Wall and Drift Trikes, the Gym offers plenty of opportunities for your group to have fun!   

After renovations over the winter to improve some of the activities, this facility is ready for some real adventure. Perfect for high school and adult groups, Axe Throwing has received new lighting updates to help you land a perfect bullseye. The basketball court was completely renovated with new floors and hoops. And finally, the Crane Yard was completely redone with new platforms and obstacles designed for both individual challenges and team building. 

If you’re looking to reserve the Granite Mountain Gym or learn more about our activities call (253) 939-0488 or visit 

-Jessica Saxer, 2021-2022 Intern