Group Camp Rewind


This summer truly has been crazy. We had awesome opportunities to serve groups, both returning or just starting their partnership with Black Diamond, and in a summer that finally felt close to back to normal, we had some amazing times. From dance parties throughout the night, to kickball chaos that was played in 98-degree weather!

When I think of this summer and what it can be culminated down to, it would be our last night of Session 7 on our stage bus, a topless bus that we converted into a stage on wheels (if you have not experienced this you should come check it out)! We of course were running a little late with some technical difficulties. We had an amazing night and as worship was going on, everyone was surrounding the Tabernacle furniture we built, and our worship leader was leading the students. I looked down and saw a journal which had a picture of the bus drawn on it, and on it written “praise our Lord” it had previously said “praise the Lord.” I was unable to find who’s book this was, but I can only imagine that this person had a change in their heart at some point, where God no longer became a distant figure, but a present God. I teared up and went on with the night, having a dance party till 12:00 in the morning. There were so many memories with amazing leaders and students that made that night incredible.

That is what Group Camp aspires to do. To create a space for kids to be able to experience the Word in a new way and hopefully one day, they too, will be counselors and hear me say 100x, “Welcome to Group Camp!”

 – JJ Lara, New Business Development