An Unexpected Positive Impact

As Day Camp approaches at Black Diamond Camp, the staff will begin preparing for guests to arrive by readying the grounds, planning activities, and brainstorming what they will teach the children attending. However, there should always be flexibility, for in particular circumstances, the staff are the ones who learn the most through interactions with the children at Camp. Sometimes a guest will bring out a child-like faith in all involved. That was the exception this past summer when a unique 5-year-old boy arrived at Black Diamond Camp.

Jacob is like any other boy his age. However, his outlook on the world is amazing to witness. Children his age are usually shy, quiet, and timid to new surroundings, but not Jacob. He continually went above and beyond to say hi to everyone he met and immediately wanted to be their friend. Jacob was always ready to try anything new the summer staff brought his way. He exhibited compassion and an awareness far past his physical years.

“My favorite part of having Jacob come to camp was at the check-in times for Day Camp. The staff would check him in for the day. I would ask him, “are you ready for camp?” and his reply was, “you bet!” hop out of the car and start making his rounds to all the campers at the check-in area with a very bold “hi!” and a big smile on his face,” recalled Drew the Director of Youth Ministries at Black Diamond Camp. Drew continued, “His big personality in such a small body was amazing to be around. His joy was so infectious you could not help but smile and feel great about life at that moment.” The Black Diamond Day Camp staff were blessed by Jacob’s exuberant personality and joyous heart.

Having Jacob and his family attend the last week of Day Camp was a beautiful reminder of how amazing God is. Everyone at Day Camp was grateful to see God’s joy resonate through him, creating Christ-like change for many campers and staff in an impactful way. In return, Black Diamond staff were able to bless the family with a safe place where Jacob could be himself, allowing him to share the love he has for life and everyone he comes across.

Adventuring with Jacob at Day Camp was a perfect ending to the summer. The shared experiences at camp inspired the staff and guests alike. The hope is all children feel safe establishing authentic relationships in a Christ-focused environment while experiencing outdoor adventure at Black Diamond Camp. All Black Diamond Camp staff are excited and looking forward to more Day Camp weeks this summer!