An Inspirational Experience

Group Camp is a program that inspires partnerships with pastors and churches in having the best experience they can at Camp with their students. The program provides complete programming while taking care of logistical needs.

Black Diamond runs this program’s curriculum through a seven-year cycle starting in Genesis and ending in Revelation. The hope and desire in this model are for sixth graders coming to Camp for the very first time will hit all the major points in the Bible by the time they are seniors.

The focus is on experiential learning, which is how the Bible is brought to life. Some examples of this have been building a veil to show how the veil was torn and making a little Garden of Eden.

The staff at Black Diamond are excited this year to be in the second year of the cycle going from Exodus through Joshua hitting as many of the amazing stories that are presented in between these books of the Bible.

Group Camp is the highlight of the summer for many local youth groups! Give your group an experience they’ll never forget by registering today at

JJ Lara, New Business Development