4 Reasons Why Becoming a Camp Counselor is Worth It

If you think that being a camp counselor is nothing more than making s’mores and singing campfire songs, think again!

Here at Black Diamond Adventure Camps, our summer staffers spend their days bringing our mission to life: inspiring Christ-like change through outdoor adventure, authentic relationships, and Biblical truth. 

It’s not always easy, they say, but the experience is worth it – 100 percent! Here are four reasons why.

1. Make A Difference

Working as a camp counselor will impact your life in a huge way. You’ll become a role model and instant friend to countless young campers, as you point them to Christ through exciting adventures, crazy activities, and intentional times of Bible study, worship, and prayer.

At Black Diamond, we take our hiring process very seriously! Each year, we carefully select and train a team of super-fun, Jesus-loving, college-aged adults. Does this sound like you? Join us for Summer 2020 and get ready to make a difference for the Kingdom, alongside your future best friends!

2. Have A Blast

Why spend your summer scrolling through social media, when you COULD start each day with smiles and high-fives, dancing through Morning Chaos, swimming, ziplining, and climbing, then pulling espresso shots in the coffee shop before leading a Bible study, surrounded by the beauty of the Pacific Northwest? As one Black Diamond counselor Evan Sterbick put it, “Get ready to have a blast doing the Lord’s work.” (And get paid for it, too!)

3. Rely On God, Every Day

There’s a reason they call this, “The hardest job you’ll ever love.” It’s a lot of work! As a camp counselor, you’ll quickly discover your own personal limitations, and learn to depend on God for His all-sufficient strength, grace, and wisdom. His faithfulness will see you through those long days and early mornings!

4. Build Great Relationships

At camp, you’ll get to share unique, meaningful experiences with other amazing people who were willing to step out of their comfort zones to serve a purpose bigger than themselves. Sound like the type of folks you might want to have as friends? Great! Because that’s only the beginning.